A mid-week defrost is the way to deal with tedium!!! Hell—yeah the MBTS team came dress-mart, sassy & armed for some bangin partyin at the much-talked about ZALORA Launch in the metro. So there we were- with our goodlookin posse and our kickass gear at the elevators that will take us to the one of the nocturnal watering holes: The SKYE LOUNGE in W Building @ Bonifacio High Street! After what seemed like aeons in the sweltering heat waiting for the ‘jammed’ elevs with tons of scenesters, we realized to our dismay that the party was for ‘everybody’—-hmmmm not too classy. As we sashayed in our stilettos inside the Lounge, we learned that the bar is ‘closed’ due to the bloating crowd. Whew, our collective expectation plateaued and then—-gulp—-plummeted and crashed into smithereens. We prowled hard and perspired harder… the dizzying churnout of black-clad creatures (yawn…boring!) busted the charts but the ‘sauced’ were as rare as free booze!!! Needless to say, we aren’t totally smitten with the whole shemozzle!

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